CGS2100: Computer Fundamentals for Business
University of Central Florida

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Thank you for visiting the CGS2100 website. This site contains many resources that are designed to help you succeed in this course. Because this website is updated frequently, you are responsible for checking it at least once every two business days for new information and important announcements. You are responsible for all new information on this website two days after the posting date.

If you are enrolled in the Web/Online section of this course, you also should visit for important information specific to your section.

Students who are enrolled in Dr. Abdallah's sections on the main campus should download this quiz form and bring a copy to class each week.

Open Lab Hours (HEC 308)

New Course Announcements:

Date Lecture Section(s) Announcement
8/26/2014  All  Please remember to complete the Syllabus Quiz in Webcourses by the end of the day tomorrow, August 27th. 
8/25/2014  All  If you had a SAM account at UCF from Fall 2013, Spring 2014, or Summer 2014, or if you are currently taking CGS1060 this semester (in addition to CGS2100), please email Steven Freund ( from your Knights email address, include your full name, and from when you had SAM access. He will let you know whether purchasing a new access code for this semester is necessary, or whether he will be able to reactivate your old SAM account for use this semester. Please be sure all email messages are sent by this Thursday, August 28th, at 11:59 p.m. 
8/22/2014  Web  Students in the online section (0W61) can download orientation notes by clicking here

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